If you a CEO

Posted on 12/01/2015
If you a CEO

You are arranged and organized.

The credit cards set by an unknown scheme in your wallet, the contents of your bag, your desktop organization always provokes a quiet delight.

You speak several languages fluently.

Furiously swallowing the knowledge, you become aware of the information as quickly as the mushrooms grow after the rain.

You learned to understand people long ago.

You only glance is enough to realize what character is in front of you. You have almost paranormal intuition that recently is awkwardly pictured in modern films. Your behavior can be cynical but only selected surroundings know about your true nature. You notice precisely the subtle patterns of living.

You can envy.

When you meet someone superior than you, you learn him like a book; you can self-reflect and admit your own failings.

Your time is the most expensive resource.

You think twice before making a decision to give a person a little of your time.

You have concrete goals.

Concreteness, small details and precision are all your thinking style companions.

You are not afraid to spare a few minutes to formulate your goals and give them a material form on the sheet of paper.

You are living with the feeling of mission. And let your mission seem to be funny, you are mad in your desire to do something.

You can go to your cherished dream step by step.

Your strength of will irritates everyone and you can be laughed at, can be spoken about mockingly behind the scenes, can be envied by a lot of characters, can be jealous of, be hated, but who cares, you get used not to see empty people. So you are the existence.

You feel power in your voice.

With your every designation you feel that the created system starts going. You set vector of it.

Like Alexander the Great you go in front line of your army bravely rushing to the head currents.

You are sitting in the business lounge among like-you persons looking at a personnel hurriedly preparing the airplane to the next flight. The silence and the order in your head are occasionally interrupted by the noise of magazine pages turning over and by having free drinks.

You definitely have a magical cat. He is near you in the next armchair among the chaos of hypocrisy, sincerity and your wishes.

You are number one.

Sergey Koshkarev
January 12, 2015

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