Reasonable doubt

Posted on 16/05/2014
Reasonable doubt
“Let the other be ingenious to play the flute,
But you were more ingenious to listen to”.
Andrey Dementyev, 1977

The epigraph is the two bottom lines of a brilliant poem "Nothing to Regret" written by a soviet poet.

Dear reader, if it is 10 PM and you think it is high time to go to bed in order to get up at 7 AM to take a shower, a morning cup of coffee and the set of accessories in your bag and go to a place named work, then this article closely related to you.

In Russian language there is a phrase "to work for one's uncle" slightly colored by a shade of neglect and negative. The epoch of capitalism forming from the beginning of the 90- s steps briskly through the country accepting new members of this movement.

Driven by the beautiful stories of some businessmen's success and thirsting for idealized life, praised in cinema, people are eager to change their life turning into just-seen film leading character.

The risk and the desire for innovations may be the unpleasant part of your existence to which you will never feel any positive emotions.

Do you think that the fit white-teethed man driving a half a million sport car who is invited on parties where long legged girls with pretty bums get together is the picture of what you really need and aim for? The reasonable answer is “Yes”. Admit your own selfishness, your own feeling of exclusiveness which says: "It is me to achieve all this because I am so mind-blowing”.

Today, I drank a lot of coffee at Traveler’s, thinking about people’s uniqueness estimation, and a brilliant idea appeared in my mind: if one goes to lavatory he is already not unique. Well, it is the sad truth of human mind greatness.

OK, let's talk to a man who doesn't want to work in a company but wants to earn more, work for himself, and feel free in self-determination and course of life. The most efficient and easiest thing he can do is to go on doing the same work after dismissal but under his own leadership. Because the authorities in fact are the people who find the demand for the worker’s services. There are common cases when the developer, designer or the other contemporary labor worker leaves the company taking his clients with him. Or you know the story about the hairdresser who got fed up with cutting hair and wanted to manage the other hairdressers. Certainly not every profession allows getting out at profit from one's place of work, but this idea is still in force.

Ask yourself: isn't in wonderful to feel the self-control and self-management?

I remember one professor's lecture from Omsk, where were shown a video about a student who did not understand anything from the teacher's subject. The matter of the story is the teacher's non-typical approach, he offered the student to pass the test doing what he really was interested in, because it was important what he did with pleasure. Then student showed him his break dance and got his test passed. This case is unique because everyone was satisfied: the professor who let the student understand he could and should do what he really wanted and the student who directed his efforts to self-sincerity to show his labor of love.

I still remember the day when after 2 years and a half I quit my permanent work to start doing what I am doing now. That night was hard to fall asleep because the thoughts about tomorrow life and earning money were keeping me awaken. The fear of the unknown is one of the contemporary idols.

The future is full of fear that is why one should take from life all it can give.

There is 80 per cent chance that this phrase can persuade one to get mortgage or to buy something unnecessary on credit.

The fear of the future uncertainty is the crafty mechanism of human mentality manipulation. How often did someone tell you that "tomorrow will be more expensive" or "tomorrow there will be no such product at all"?

"Just do it"

The phrase "Just do it" appealing to some constant action doesn't fit the success philosophy. Any work or business needs attention to the details. I don't believe in power of ill-considered words and actions.

The transformation of employee’s psychology into businessman's one.

At the secondary school history lesson our teacher said the phrase "the belief in good king" which in his opinion was one of the reasons of false tsars’ appearance in Russia. Only being 25 years old, I realize this phrase, observing the business going on in Russia. The absence of enterprising people, the absence of the environment favorable for such people formation, the custom to get work, food, benefits only from the state (it is the 70 years USSR history nostalgia), complicated perception of changes: all these factors do not assist people's desire to start business.

Business without risks or peace of mind.

I remind that in Russian language there is a word "merchant" with a shade of neglect. The notion of business in most people’s mind leaves much to be desired and lies in the principle "bought cheep - sell expensive".

You, dear reader, right now have an opportunity to realize the fact that being a "merchant" you can manage yourself more effectively than a simple employee leaded by instructions.

Just think, today you want to make soap; tomorrow you find those who want to buy it, the next day you successfully sell off all the goods. Of course, I've painted too strong prospects, but if sitting in a stuffy office around boring papers you are thinking about making soap, why forcing it?

Searching for a niche

How much it was written about it in glossing cover books, shiny magazines and in articles of really smart people. There is only one truth: do what you can or what you really like to do.

My position is not to diffuse efforts on many people, things and cases but focus on a few things of better quality. The depth of knowledge is more pleasant than shallow width.

One of the most important things I understand is that business is like riding a bike: you must pedal and keep the balance. Perpetual motion for active life lovers.

Sergey Koshkarev
May 16, 2014

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