Seven reasons to have your own blog

Posted on 14/07/2015
Seven reasons to have your own blog

It's 2015 and a lot of people in front of their computers state their thoughts and emotions at the so-called blogosphere. Even the particular profession 'blogger' was invented though it sounds strange and vulgar; but there are people who make a decent livelihood being able to create different stuff. E-content is a product not wrapped in a rustling paper but it is still possible to be ‘eaten’.

Blog is a content storage which you open to the whole world at once, offering people to treat themselves to something tasty and attractive. Have you ever thought why people write something and make a hard try to show their work on the Internet? I've decided to make a list of reasons which should convince you to blog.

1. The Postponed Communication Mode

The possibility of remote work for many professions lets the HR managers look for the workers all over the world. During that search there happens an attempt of collecting as much information about the potential candidate as possible. Blog as the storage of your thoughts works for you 100% in this case. If you don't know yet, the modern HR managers will necessarily have a look at your blog or you social media page to get more information about you and about what you do.

2. Structuring of Your Own Ideas

Do you remember the phrase 'The ideas don't cost anything'? It gives a message that expressing of plans about any sort of project is completely useless, like an empty chatter in a noisy bar. No matter how unique your memory is, you cannot memorize more or less full and structured text with some meaning. Well, yes, I am against the 140-symbols ideology promoted by Twitter and I don't get how the most part of the thoughts should be cut down to mocking size.

There are different ways of one’s own attitude narration, which should always exist. While writing the articles in your own blog you formulate your thoughts in writing more clearly and consciously.

3. You Become Noticeable.

If after finishing the article you pick your courage up to send its link or post it in the social media, sooner or later you will be noticed and your links will be followed. Being very patient and improving the skills of creating the content you soon will be quoted and your links will be sent behind your back. Don't you impressed by the fact that every time you become a little more noticeable just expressing and talking about something really exciting to you?!

4. Self-expressing and Branding

Your every phrase bears the part of your own 'self'. Whoever you are your text is like your fingerprints: always unique. When you make people talk about you it means your presence evokes emotions. The emotions are the integral attribute of human mind. Every time provoking emotions (positive and negative) you brand your name. The emotional amplitude always works for you.

5. Readiness to Contact

After posting a new article in your beloved blog you obviously wait for the reaction. But why? Because of the idea of the blogs is the dialogue. Many blogging platforms like LiveJournal or WordPress have built-in functional for comments. Opening a new article to your readers you send a request to the Web like playing ping pong. You are open to the world, ready to speak, listen and think.

6. Marketing Tools

So soon as you become a really popular and quoted blogger, the potential advertisers will take interest in you or you will want to advertise delicately the particular products or services. But be careful: your readers are a long way from being stupid, not everyone like being forced to buy something. The experienced bloggers who have tens of thousands subscribers prefer to write at the beginning of the promoted article that this post has been paid for. This some sort of sincerity allows gaining balance between earning money and keeping the audience.

7. Writing Skills

It's hardly a secret that not everyone is able to express his thoughts skillfully in written form. When you write a text you train your memory, remember how to spell the words correctly (about those people who like to work in Microsoft Word) you improve your skills of structuring your ideas. Besides you switch to the different kinds of activities and it’s the simplest and the most efficient kind of the rest.

Blog is the efficient tool of the promotion of your brand which can be your name or the company under your direction. The effect size produced by that kind of tool depends on your skills, desire and patience to bear the laws of the genre and follow the selected strategy of electronic marketing.

Sergey Koshkarev
July 14, 2015

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