The Cost of Things

Posted on 15/04/2014
The Cost of Things
The man is similar to a fraction: the numerator is his nature and the denominator is what he thinks about himself. The more the denominator the less the fraction.
Leo Tolstoy

The Great Russian writer's words became a life guiding line for those who can distinguish Bucephalus from Rosinante.

I would like to remind my readers that every blog article expresses ONLY my own point of view about the questions. The opinions must push the readers to thinking; they do not try to find the thread of ephemeral notions of "truth" and "justice". I am extremely sad today that is why my thoughts will have the character of depression and melancholy.

The human nature pursuing to hierarchical structures is the peculiarity which drives us to some kind of freedom, makes us the owner of all Earth but also makes us the hostage of our own illusions. Most people not a bit embarrassed like the feeling of superiority over the others, which gives the possession of exclusive and expensive things. This assertion is confirmed by the numerous observations of people's behavior at places where clothes and household items are sold.

Some kind of thoughts arose in my mind while shopping at the supermarkets, hypermarkets and simple stores looking for tangerines, salt fish, or the trousers almost for free.

The price of things

That is how 33 dollars jeans look like, they are bought on sale at the United Colors of Benetton.

When I manage to get on such sale, I believe slyly I have boldly tricked the whole world. Although the common sense of a pragmatic man’s nature whispers: “They sold thing by its prime cost to you, the shop lost almost nothing”. I am sure 80% of the Earth population cannot find the difference between 1000 dollars jeans and panties shown above. And 90 % of the Earth population will not be able to understand the reason of having 50 dollars salad if one can buy the same for 5 dollars just round the corner.

“If there is no difference why pay more?”

Advertising the platinum card the bank clerk by hints or straight out will try to make you think about the product oneness and the exclusivity. Actually, just the elite can pay the considerable sums for the annual services and for great amount of useless for most people things like concierge service or visa guarantee prolongation.

But who will not pleased by the words of their own uniqueness?

  • “Only for you!”
  • “The exclusive offer”
  • “Premium class product”

Is there an edge of reason?

The politicians often like to use the phrase "middle class", identifying the certain group of the country population. You can find the definition of this phrase in the Internet. My vision of the "middle class" does not differ much from what you can find in the web. (For example the separation of classes by the annual income amount) Why is the middle class so important for the State (or the System)? That is easy: the representatives of the middle class buy as much as they really need, not getting quite unnecessary things and keeping the desire under the control of the calculator. Besides such reasonable manner of consumption is not the reason of the stratification of the social order for many groups, different from each other by the structure and amount of goods consumed.

People are equal in modulo in their desire to seem better.

Mind, that all religious learnings make their followers feel them exclusive in some way during and after the end of lifetime. This property can be entangled with the desire of being identified among people and having the feeling of implication.

Lars fon Trier’s latest work called Nymphomaniac tells us most brightly about human's desires which can be morally pure and elevated also being above the animal instincts and everyday problems, but they remain to be the part of human nature still dictating  the manner of behavior to the cool brain. Whether you like it or not, the hypocrisy is a negative feature of highly developed beings including humans.

I dare say to claim that the first definition of cost, exclusivity and vice was the story of the forbidden apple.

The price of things

Forbid people to have something and you will create the desire to have it because the forbidden always has a certain allure to it.

The previous statement may not be the quote of the great ones of the earth but the free interpretation of something that was heard. When the bank set the advanced price for its piece of platinum dream at the rate of annual $ 200, it creates the barrier for the great amount of the clients, because every one of us being in his right mind, is not ready to pay $200 for unclear benefits and in most cases for the useless services.

Well, let us rejoice at it, because this peculiarity of human nature helps a lot of businessmen to sell their goods with thousand per cent markups. You, my dearest reader, may be the one of them.

The desire to own something which is beyond the reach of the others the corner stone of human sin, sweet hypocrisy built in consciousness by default, "one ring" and the calming.

Sergey Koshkarev
April 15, 2014

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