Why should everyone have a website?

Posted on 17/07/2014
Why should everyone have a website?
“In the future there will be only two kinds of businesses those with an Internet presence and those with no business at all”.
Bill Gates.

It is strange but the words said once by "Big Bill" should be taken seriously by us: the people living in disturbed times of changes of the 21st century. How often, how much, and how can you or your staff tell people about products and services of your business?! Surely not for 24 hours a day but the thing named website can do it and does it with 95 percent of perfection and elegance. How many people, your potential customers, can notice the colorful sales brochures which are carefully stuffed into unknown persons' mail boxes by a hired person? Are you sure you do everything for prospering your business?

Perpetuum mobile

You sleep, you have breakfast you look over the people on the bus, you listen to your favorite music, draw an odd symbol with your finger on the steamy window, and your site meanwhile is working for you, for the sake of you, in the name of you. It will work at night, at weekends and even in the New Year Eve, it will take a certain care (but even your pet cat wants to eat) and attention for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day being ready to say about you, what services you provide, how nice the products of your company; it says about how talented you are in dancing, what emotions people feel while communicating with you or with your staff.

The others already have it!

Just imagine, your competitors already have it, and it adds some competitive advantages, helps to draw the attention of the clients and so increases the profit. Doesn’t it gnaw you that there is something available and useful but it is not yours just because you don't long to have it or don't admit its profit.

“You will know them by their fruits”

The quote from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount can be applied to many situations. You produce benefits making the world better every time putting on the market the parcel of beautiful boots, recording a song, which makes the most brutal macho cry, or making crispy bread which smell spreads far and wide. Are you that one who has something to show and give to this world? Of course this is you.

An individual channel of clients attraction

In 2014 there are a lot of people who do not pay attention on bright promotional signs, persistent audio advertisements in pedestrian subways, or people who flips from channel to channel not to force their eyes to watch one more ad. Now imagine a certain environment, where people with definite wishes and demands themselves try to find the products or services you provide. This environment is called the Internet. For meeting such people (using paid ad or without it) you will need a special area which can be a social network community, your own site, a page in common online catalogue etc.

The perception of reality

The Internet is an artificially created environment, where processes go on by their own unwritten laws. There are some instruments of measuring users’ interest of popular search engines whatever the search queries are. The trends made by such statistics in most cases reflect the reality: the interest of the potential audience to products or services. Your personal statistics: the site traffic, different markers of visitors' activity is some kind of reality as well; this is a real indicator of audience interest (with admissible error of course) to what you do and how you do it.

Web representation is not luxury, not showing-off or boasting of a refine thing, this is real instrument to assist your business. Time and energy spent on building and supporting your own site are repaid during X time units then start to profit.

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