Technical Assignment


There are two parties working on every Project: the Contractor and the Client. The Client very often doesn't have a proper qualification and enough time to realize the requirements to the Contractor's work. Is that case the Client can delegate his powers to perform the work on this stage to the Contractor.

The technical assignment is a document which describes the requirements to the provided work. In other words the technical assignment   is a document which allows avoiding mutual misunderstanding at the beginning and at the end of the work.


The technical assignment is not made to spend money at the very beginning of the project but to prevent doubting of either party in the middle of the hard work.

Everyone takes the information differently and in order not to realize after a few months that the product does not correspond to the desired criteria I recommend both parties to make and sign up the technical assignment.


The technical assignment can be made on every stage of the site or system information development, but it serves mainly to describe the Client's expectations about the technical details and the design of the functional elements.

How Much

Drawing up the technical assignment is the same Contractor's work as the project developing. Using the task is reasonable in case the budget of your project is more than 5 000 USD. The minimum price of the document is 250 USD.  The document can be drawn up in Russian and (or) English languages.

Download example of technical specification